A form of Psychotherapy: Sensation and Movement Focused Expressive Arts Therapy

Expressive arts therapy clients dance, paint, play music, sing, write poetry, and act out scenes with the intention of overcoming psychological suffering. No previous art skill or training is needed to participate. We are all creators who create every minute of every day through the imprint we leave on the world—every time we take a step, we create a "footprint" on the earth. Expressive arts therapy helps the everyday person discover his or her creative spark, which invigorates and shines a light on the dark path ahead.

Expressive arts therapy distinguishes itself from similar disciplines such as psychodrama, art therapy, music therapy and dance therapy by moving between all these art forms. Each art form provides a unique perspective. The art created is at the centre of the process with its ability to expand the imagination, enliven the senses and illuminate one's inner world. The frame of the art work, from the start and end of a dance to the edges of a painting, holds human expression.

The therapeutic relationship is central to the process and involves a client centred approach that encourages participants to find guidance from within. Kathleen uses he extensive knowledge of dance and functional movement to create a style of expressive arts in which the body and its wisdom lead the healing process.

Expressive arts therapy is suitable for all ages and is a treatment option for a diverse range psychological issues.